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LendingMetrics to launch FREE Open Banking services in 2018

LendingMetrics to launch FREE Open Banking services in 2018


View the official announcement trailer on our company LinkedIn page: 



After much anticipation, we at LendingMetrics are delighted to confirm the news that we will be launching a new Open Banking solution, “OpenBankVision” in early 2018, and that this service will be free!

There will be zero setup fees, transaction fees, account fees, or indeed fees of any nature.

This will not be an introductory offer, it is a long-term commitment and is not conditional upon the purchase of other paid services.

Sales & Marketing Director David Wylie confirmed:

“We recognise this will be a surprise to many and they will be asking “what’s the catch?” but there isn’t one. We firmly believe that our model allows us to deliver real-time and up-to-the-second Open Banking transaction data and categorisation services free of charge. We offer a number of other paid services, but there will be no obligation whatsoever to use those.”

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Credit Reference Agency and we aim to have AISP permissions from the FCA early in 2018.

Further information will be announced in the new year, however in the meantime please do get in contact for further details.

Merry Christmas everyone!