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Specialist Motor Finance chooses ADP by LendingMetrics

Specialist Motor Finance Ltd, a subsidiary of IM Group, launched Inisium to lend through dealer groups, independent dealers and brokers and to offer an alternative car hire purchase product throughout the UK.

Critical to the project’s success was the selection of a market leading auto credit decision platform that would deliver extremely quick execution times, combined with robust credit, affordability and compliance checks to ensure high quality credit decisions and robust regulatory standards.

The solution should also be capable of handling decision requests from multiple distribution sources at a high velocity and the decision logic needed to be fully under the control of the Specialist Motor Finance ("SMF") credit risk team via a comprehensive user interface.

The challenge

The LendingMetrics team have worked alongside the SMF management team for the past 6 months to establish the detailed requirements and to explore how LendingMetrics could accommodate SMF though its ADP platform and associated integrated partners. During this process LendingMetrics was able to thoroughly address the client’s requirement detailed above by showcasing;

  • It’s contractually-guaranteed execution time in milliseconds
  • The unrivalled comprehensive user interface, giving SMF full editing control over the entire decision engine logic and waterfall
  • Industry-wide integrations with all major credit reference agencies and anti-fraud services
  • The speed in which ADP executes and the SLA’s in place
  • Full integration of the award-winning Open Banking solution OBV, which delivers granular and categorised applicant banking data electronically in real-time

(This last point means that lenders can run a whole raft of new applicant checks by using bank statement data to verify actual income, outgoings, credit commitments and bank account performance.)

The solution

SMF had looked at several other alternatives to ADP but found nothing with such a comprehensive user interface which ticked all the boxes. Moreover, all of the other options, inexplicably, carried huge six-figure build fees which put them out of the reach of many challenger lenders. ADP was available for a modest build fee and, thanks to it’s SaaS approach, an affordable monthly license fee.

Additionally, LendingMetrics were able to demonstrate, via a raft of case studies, client references and other awards, that despite their competitive price, they were indeed a reliable market-leading partner upon whom SMF could depend. One of the main focuses for SMF was to increase the speed with which the decisions could be executed and so were keen to look at the ADP response times with high volume clients. Consequently, SMF had no hesitation in choosing ADP by LendingMetrics.

We’ve had a lot of support from the LendingMetrics team to establish how we can get the most out of ADP and we’re looking forward to getting started with the solution.

Ken Doyle, Head of Credit Risk and Data Strategy at Specialist Motor Finance Ltd


The project teams on both sides are now busy implementing the project to deliver;

  • A comprehensive multi-product decision engine
  • Multi-bureau credit data feeds to achieve a ‘best in breed’ decision derived from the best elements from each CRA
  • Robust affordability checks using CRA data and Open Banking feeds