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Steve Daly / Ken Doyle
IT Director, Evolution Money / Credit Risk & Technology Director, SMF

LendingMetrics' Auto Decision Platform (ADP) allows you to rapidly scale your business while continuing to manage fraud and credit risk.

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Updates, on your time

Don't wait for an IT team to action your changes. It slows you down. ADP offers you autonomy - giving your business the ability to make instant changes to your credit risk decisioning whenever it's best for you.

Logic that grows with you

From simple to complex lending policies, ADP uses proprietary scoring algorithms and complex affordability matrices to provide the best possible service to customers at any stage of your company's growth.

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Want to know if a change to your credit decision engine will improve results? Champion-challenge engines against one another in real time and deploy the improvements instantly.

Boost your volumes and grow your business with our multi-award-winning high-speed platform.

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