Consumer lending

Experts in the consumer lending sector

Whether it’s emerging credit risk trends, new regulatory underwriting requirements or novel data sources, lenders understand all too well the need to adapt quickly to these challenges as they emerge. It’s crucial therefore to select a solution that will allow for seamless autonomous modifications.

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Consumer lending solutions

Custom-tailored to the consumer lending sector

It was important for us to secure a technology partner who possessed the solutions to facilitate our plans, whilst providing a fast and flexible platform.

Steve Daly, Programme Manager at Evolution Money

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Experts in the mortgage lending sector

We work with lenders to find better processes and improve methods to reassess actual affordability based on up-to-date income details.

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Mortgage lending solutions

Custom-tailored to the mortgage lending sector

Mortgage lending in the news

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The partnership has allowed us to provide a scalable offering, increase our volume capability and improve both broker and consumer journeys, thus delivering more successful outcomes.

Buster Tolfree, Commercial Director of Mortgages at United Trust Bank

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Credit card lending

Experts in the credit card lending sector

Accurately assess credit card eligibility using simple or highly complex decisioning strategies and Open Banking data. Paint an incredibly clear picture of affordability, in real-time, and tap into our wealth of integrations to make effective credit decisions without affecting the customer journey.

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Credit card lending solutions

Custom-tailored to the credit card sector

We had to make adjustments quickly to our risk appetite to fall in line with how a customer was performing.

Martin Rix, Chief Commercial Officer at Loans 2 Go

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