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ADP has absolutely transformed our business

Steve Daly, IT Director at Evolution Money

ADP has absolutely transformed our business

Steve Daly, IT Director at Evolution Money


Multiple solutions for a range of sectors

Decision Services

Comprehensive automated decision tools

Our cutting-edge decision services enable credit risk professionals to create and manipulate decisioning logic on demand. The next generation private-cloud-based solution Auto Decision Platform (ADP) delivers comprehensive, automated decisions through direct interaction with customers, and allows lenders to decision in a compliant manner.

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  • Multi-award-winning
  • Decisions in milliseconds
  • Video training

  • Bespoke scorecards
  • AML/KYC checks
  • Champion challenges

Data Services

Open Banking and credit data solutions

Leverage data from both Equifax and Experian in the same application with The LendingMetrics Exchange (LMX). With one contract, you have the ability to waterfall across multiple credit, ID, bank account and affordability projects.

Use OpenBankVision (OBV) to build an incredibly clear picture of a customer's affordability including income verification. Spot any troublesome habits such as repeated use of HCSTC and make better lending decisions, in real time.

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  • Categorised statement data
  • A trusted gateway
  • 90 days statement data
  • Premium options available


  • Single contract, multi-bureau
  • Limited upfront costs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Commercially attractive terms

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We had to make adjustments quickly to our risk appetite to fall in line with how a customer was performing.

Martin Rix, Chief Commercial Officer at Loans 2 Go