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  • Providing technology to more than 150 lenders Since 2009

  • Integrated with all the major Credit Reference Agencies

Since 2008 LendingMetrics has been innovating in the field of FinTech and Big Data.

We are passionate about creating and delivering cutting edge technology and data solutions supported by our teams of professionals. Our aim is to be your trusted partner, to help your business to lead, grow and succeed.

Our data solutions and technologies are fast, secure and openly connective, so you can be sure that when you engage with LendingMetrics, you are future proofing.

Auto Decisioning

Powerful, fast and VERY affordable. The award winning ADP is a secure decision engine builder that puts you in control of credit rule changes. ADP allows operational/credit risk staff to quickly control changes through a comprehensive yet intuitive user interface.

ADP handles multiple brands and multiple product types simultaneously through the ADP engine dashboard, meaning that strategies can be developed for each unique market and target audience.

Its openly connective via a suite of modern APIs and is integrated with all of the major third party data sources.

Find out why ADP was independently voted the Best Credit Risk Solution in the Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2017

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Credit Data

Accuracy and depth of data are essential ingredients for effective risk strategy. We are openly connected to all the major sources of credit and ID data and have helped hundreds of lenders to interpret and leverage them.

Not only can we deliver the data, we can also guide you on how to use it. We’ve helped dozens of lenders over many years and have an invaluable insight. Data without insight is just noise! (read more)

Open Banking

Since 2011 our analysts have been immersed in working with bank transactional data and we have used that experience to deliver Open Bank Vision (OBV). Uncompromising, fast and secure, OBV is, quite simply, one step ahead.

Much of the OBV solution is free to use, so you have no reason whatsoever not to try this award winning platform (read more)

Professional Service

In order to maximise the effectiveness of credit data, why not combine it with our credit risk and analytical expertise. If you are looking for an expert credit risk team to deliver an effective credit risk strategy, on a specific project or as a long term trusted partner, LendingMetrics can help. We have a dedicated team of experienced analysts, familiar with all aspects of automated decisioning and versed in multi-bureau data sources.

Bad credit decisions can be costly and we can help you to learn more quickly and minimise losses because of a bad credit risk strategy. (see more)