Asset finance


Ausloans increase speed and accuracy of decisioning with ADP

Ausloans Finance Group entered the market in 2009 and has since grown to 3 brands. They offer their partner brokers and dealerships a holistic approach to financing, with an extensive support structure and a fair business model.

Ausloans’ position as one of Australia’s leading asset finance aggregators has been established through continual improvement in technology, support and transparency. As a cutting-edge FinTech company, Ausloans work hard to continually improve their systems, enabling them to maintain a high level of system support to their large network of partners and dealerships nationwide.

Choosing LendingMetrics

Ausloans were seeking a solution capable of utilising artificial intelligence in their decisioning process, and wanted a platform that could handle a complex and multi-faceted methodology. They also needed a solution that would deliver the unique logic required across a multi-lender portfolio. Auto Decision Platform (ADP) was the clear contender to meet these requirements, as it delivers comprehensive automated decisions across multiple brands and lending models.

Having established solid relationships with various lenders and brokers, Ausloans wanted to bring together all their acquired knowledge from across industry and to be able to orchestrate this into their decision engines.
They needed a powerful decisioning solution to utilise this knowledge, and ADP’s ability to create complex, powerful policies fulfilled these requirements for Ausloans.

The approach

Ausloans’ project was highly analytical and due to the nature of their business, involved a broad range of stakeholders, so the implementation process needed to be as straightforward as possible. LendingMetrics were very supportive during this process and provided consultation across regular meetings.

We’re really grateful that we onboarded ADP and I’m confident that, looking at the bigger picture, ADP will enable us to do more for our customers.

Rodney Michail, Managing Director at Ausloans

Ausloans are now utilising one of the key USPs of ADP: using the engine editor to autonomously make changes to their decision engines without the need to engage with LendingMetrics for assistance. The company had a different approach to traditional projects, in that they focussed on going live with their personal customers first, followed by the end consumer, and then the final phase of commercial lending. By fully understanding this approach, LendingMetrics were able to provide appropriate support to Ausloans throughout the process

The result

Ausloans have seen a huge increase in the speed and accuracy of their decisioning since implementing ADP. The ability to manage changes to their decision engine logic quickly and easily has benefitted them greatly, and they are able to confidently respond to their customers’ requests.

The ability to build, edit and maintain their decision engines has proved most valuable and Ausloans  particularly favour the fact that they do not need technical or IT qualified personnel to make adjustments.