Make better credit decisions, on-board more customers and distil multiple credit searches in milliseconds.

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What is DeeJoop?

DeeJoop is a revolutionary service that allows companies to streamline credit risk data from multiple bureaus. It removes duplication and shows the true picture of a client’s credit risk file in milliseconds. Enquire today to learn more!

  • Connect to all major CRAs
  • Remove duplication
  • Maintain compliance
  • Quick results

Multi-bureau power

DeeJoop can handle data from all major CRAs and can effortlessly de-duplicate data regardless of how many you use.

0 bureaus

Select any bureau

One, two or three! The choice is yours.

1 bureau


Whilst engineered for multi-bureau access, DeeJoop can normalise the data of any of the three major bureaus if used on their own.

2 bureaus

Normalise & combine

This is where the fun starts. With data from two bureaus, DeeJoop kicks into action, effortlessly normalising and combining the incoming data to give you one streamlined, data-rich file.

3 bureaus

Full coverage

With full coverage, you'll have one of the clearest pictures of a client's credit file, without duplicated data such as defaults and CCJs.

  • Establish data primacy
  • De-duplicate credit records
  • Comprehensive output
  • Powerful algorithms

Use your data for

  • Automated decisioning
  • Manual underwriting
  • Data analytics
Equifax Direct/LMX
Experian Direct/LMX

Complete the affordability picture

With one bureau, you can get answers, with two your coverage greatly improves and with all three combined you can consider yourself fully covered.

At any level, DeeJoop can provide you with the clearest, most accurate image possible of your client’s level of affordability. All without increased time and money spent on manually sorting through data.

  • Unique Equifax data
  • Unique Experian data
  • Unique TransUnion data
  • Equifax & Experian data
  • Experian & TransUnion data
  • Equifax & TransUnion data
  • All three - full coverage

Credit data in clear view

Identify the true picture of the client’s credit file. Remove the risk of double counting credit commitments, defaults, mortgages, CCJs and all of the important elements of a consumer’s credit file that sometimes can appear in more than one bureau.

Built by data experts

Our teams of analysts and architects have, since around mid 2020, been researching and designing the solution to the multi-bureau conundrum. We have helped countless lenders to create and refine their credit risk strategies and we have done so with visibility across the CRA spectrum.

Use DeeJoop your way

From single to multi-app or multi-bureau, DeeJoop has you covered

  • Normalisation only
    • Improve the quality of your data. Even with a single bureau, DeeJoop can help to increase lead generation by normalising your data.
  • Multi-bureau & single application
    • Enhance coverage by combining and normalising data from multiple bureaus. Combine data from all three bureaus to ensure 100% coverage.
  • Single bureau & multi-applicant
    • Consolidate the data of two or more applicants from one bureau, uniting shared records.
  • Multi-bureau & multi-applicant
    • Combine records for two or more applicants from two or more bureaus to create a true single view. Uniting data for all applicants from all three bureaus ensures 100% coverage without duplication.

Stand-alone SaaS solution

While fully integrated to our market leading Auto Decision Platform (ADP) and the LendingMetrics Exchange (LMX) for preferential Experian and Equifax contractual terms, DeeJoop is also available as a completely stand-alone SaaS solution.

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Future-proof integration

Access DeeJoop via a single, future-proofed API. Built to cover amendments by the CRAs to file formats and APIs, as well as future functionality to deliver multi-app and commercial deduplication services.

Compliant and transparent

A DeeJoop file is returned in compliance with your decisioning parameters - with each component easily attributed back to the original source bureau, keeping it explainable and allowing you to maintain complete transparency as to how decisions are executed.

Lenders will always retain a copy of the original consumer credit file, meaning that subject access requests and corrections can be handled in the usual way.

Increased lending potential

DeeJoop is the solution to thin credit files, unpredictable CRA coverage and occasional CRA outages. Don’t waste opportunities to lend to otherwise perfectly suitable borrowers.

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