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You want major multi-bureau CRA data, great unit pricing and smaller volume commitments? Leverage LendingMetrics’ buying power and personalised service!

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Why use LMX?

The power of Equifax and Experian data in one contract

Leverage data from both Equifax and Experian in the same application with The LendingMetrics Exchange (LMX). With one contract, you have the ability to waterfall across multiple credit, ID, bank account and affordability projects.

  • Single contract, multi-bureau
  • Limited upfront costs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Commercially attractive terms

Equifax & Experian credit data

The power of Equifax and Experian data in one contract

Why LMX?

LMX provides everything you want from a major Credit Reference Agency
We aggregate our search volume across scores of lenders to negotiate preferential rates with CRAs, with limited upfront costing barriers, meaning you can benefit from commercially attractive terms and high service levels.

Access multi-bureau data with one contract
With one contract, you can the ability to waterfall across multiple credit, ID, bank account and affordability projects. One commercial commitment means you will have a direct point of access to an account manager and a rapid escalation process to deal with requests.

Have it your way: Automatic or manual
We provide single reporting for two of the biggest bureaus, and specialise in supplying and using the data in automated and manual assessments. Being experts in both credit risk and technology, we understand the data and how it fits into the cycle, offering additional guidance on API integrations and customer journeys.

A smooth ride from start to finish
Our volume commitments and duration of contracts are considerably modest, and, with only one agreement, you don't need to worry about multiple account setup fees or significant integration wait times. You can go live quickly and without hitting any unnecessary speed bumps along the way.


Understand your customers on a deeper level with improved consumer insights.


Anti-money laundering

Verify consumer identities to expose any potential risks using secure anti-fraud products through our single API.

Bank account verification

Accuracy you can count on

You can use LMX to verify bank account ownership and validate identities of legitimate customers.

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Income verification

Make robust affordability decisions

Instantly confirm applicant income via our extensive multi-bureau and open banking expertise and integrations.

Commercial credit data

Automate lending to business

Automate and streamline the assessment and approval of applications from your business customers.


Get the vehicle facts

Access the UK’s “Best Vehicle Data” for car history checks, valuations, MOT history and recorded finance.

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