OBV allows companies to make better lending decisions and their customers to take control of their valuable bank transaction data.

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Why OBV?

Tap into 90 days of categorised Open Banking data

Use OpenBankVision (OBV) to build an incredibly clear picture of a customer's affordability including income verification. Spot any troublesome habits such as repeated use of HCSTC and make better lending decisions, in real time.

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  • Categorised statement data
  • A trusted gateway
  • Premium options available
  • Multi-award-winning

How OBV works

Standalone or integrated, the choice is yours

Step 01

The details page

We create your standalone, branded page through which users will be able to apply.

Step 02

Choose your bank/building society

Here, the user will be able to select their bank/building society from a wide range of choices.

Step 02 (alternate)

Choose your bank/building society

Instead of passing through your application to select their bank, other options exist, for example: jumping straight to the bank selection page in oohMoolah.

Step 03


The user is presented with a list of features and required permissions to continue the process, with the option to cancel if desired.

Step 04

Security login

The user is transported securely to the login of their chosen bank.

Step 05

Account selection

Still within their own bank, the user will select the bank account(s) to which they wish to allow read-only access.

Step 06


Before leaving their bank, the user is asked to confirm the requested permissions.

Step 07


Pass or fail, the user is directed to a page which details the results of their consent authorisation.

Step 08

Final outcome

As the final step, the user will be directed to a page of your choosing in accordance with their outcome.


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Open Banking

Increased security through Open Banking’s APIs

Adopting Open Banking as a more trusted gateway is resulting in more positive relationships with customers, who must give consent for access to be granted, thus resulting in increased trust and maintained customer loyalty.

OBV leverages the strength of Open Banking

OBV is connected to 99% of UK banks


Guarantee customer affordability

The innovative OBV solution allows lenders to build an incredibly clear picture of a customer's a affordability including income verification, allowing you to make better lending decisions.

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Application fraud

Identify risks related to fraud

OBV uses secure APIs to connect to 99% of the UK’s banks and uses the latest fraud detection technology to detect threats and ensure effective fraud prevention.

Categorised data

Unrivaled categorisation analysis

Access fully categorised bank statement data in real-time with OBV. Make better and more informed lending decisions with no more tiresome scanning of paper statements!

  • Verify income and expenditure
  • Identify undisclosed credit
  • Augment thin credit file applications

In-life monitoring

Direct access to customers’ spending habits

With OBV, and through integrations with the major CRAs, you can see first-hand what the customer earns and spends, as they earn and spend it, with clear reports. Spot potential problems such as frequent use of HCTSC in order to accurately analyse affordability.

Financial accounting data

Streamline lending to business

Through our integrations to financial accounting platforms, business applicants can be instantly assessed via their own financial records and company accounts; in most cases alleviating the need to manually review company records.

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