Auto Decision Platform

Our online Auto Decision Platform (ADP) saves on time, money and errors, driving more profits to your bottom line.

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What is ADP?

The power of decisions

Our cutting-edge decision services enable credit risk professionals to create and manipulate decisioning logic on demand. The next generation private-cloud-based solution Auto Decision Platform (ADP) delivers comprehensive, automated decisions through direct interaction with customers, and allows lenders to decision in a compliant manner.

  • Multi-award-winning
  • Instant changes
  • Free video training series
  • Bespoke scorecards
  • AML/KYC checks
  • A/B testing

Major CRA integration

ADP is openly connected to all major CRAs, as well as many other 3rd parties

Leverage our universally connected suite of integrations to consumer and commercial CRA data, multiple Open Banking sources, eKYC and fraud products, accounting, device ID, HPI, mobile and email verification, AVM and Land Registry products to execute decision strategy.

Customer story

Lender Loans 2 Go reflects on 5 years of success with ADP

Martin Rix

Chief Commercial Officer at Loans 2 Go

We had to make adjustments quickly

Bespoke scorecards

Make changes at the touch of a button

ADP allows you to build, edit, test and deploy your own bespoke scorecards within a modern, easy-to-use interface. Make changes to improve the quality of your scorecards over time while testing them against your real-world data without affecting the user experience.

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Risk-based pricing

Improve or move beyond your underwriting process

Lending involves risk, but you can use risk-based pricing to measure loan risk and fees, price the product based on risk and base the loan amount on affordability, using CRA and Open Banking data. Lend in a more compliant manner using ADP!

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Affordability checks

Process user’s affordability 24/7

ADP can pull data from multiple feeds, including Open Banking data, credit file and CRA affordability tools in order to create a robust affordability profile and reduce lending risk.

Credit assessment

No code, deeper insights

Run multi-bureau, multi-applicant hard or soft credit searches in a waterfall where needed, to pre-qualify lead buying, offer Decisions In Principle (DIP) full automated decision, or assisted decision. ADP has been designed to allow utilisation of raw and compiled data to accommodate all possible scenarios and credit risk strategies.

Real-time retros

Reach back and use in real time

You can use ADP's passive engines for champion / challenge scenarios, and conduct retro-analyses in real time! Run A/B tests in a live environment without affecting the customer journey and test possible improvements to your credit policy.

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Anti-money laundering

Prevent fraudulent activity and stop money laundering in its tracks with ADP’s multi-bureau credit reference agency integrations. Adhere to AML compliance and flag any suspicious activity easily and swiftly.


Know your customer

Get to know your customer better with near-instant verification of identity to increase conversion rate and offer a smoother customer journey. Securely manage the entire eKYC process directly within ADP.

ID document verification

Pinpoint the authenticity of customers

Leverage ADP integrations to fully utilise third party document verification services instantaneously.

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Python/R and more

Execute externally preconfigured Python/R logic

Use ADP to compile sophisticated standard and weighted scorecards and use Python/R logic where needed.

Video Training Series

Free online video training for you and your team

With every signed ADP contract, we give you and designated members of your team access to hours of training videos.

New to ADP? Need to train a teammate? Want to review a topic? The VTS is accessible 24/7 on any device with a browser, allowing you to learn and review anytime, anywhere.

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We had to make adjustments quickly to our risk appetite to fall in line with how a customer was performing.

Martin Rix, Chief Commercial Officer at Loans 2 Go