It's Official

ADP is now the “AWARD WINNING” Automated Decisioning Platform!

At a time when more and more consumer and SME lending businesses, large and small, are moving to automated decisioning & Open Banking, LendingMetrics is delighted to announce that our ADP platform and Open Banking product "BankVision" have been officially recognised at the Credit-Connect “Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2017” as the “Best Credit Risk Solution

LendingMetrics beat off stiff competition from a number of excellent competitors and we congratulate them all for reaching the finals of these prestigious technology awards.

The awards were decided by an esteemed panel of impartial judges who assessed the entries independently of the awards organisers, Credit-Connect. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the judges for their valuable time and effort and for recognising our innovative technology and our disruptive approach to pricing. Automated decisioning and Open Banking are powerful tools and should be affordable and therefore widely adopted by companies of all sizes.

Here is a reminder of just a few reasons why lenders are embracing automated decisioning and why ADP by LendingMetrics is resonating with the market.

  • There are STILL no implementation or build fees (so there is no capital investment required)
  • We are integrated with all the major credit reference agencies, that's one less thing for lenders to worry about
  • Decision engine changes are completely and comprehensively under the lender's control, no ongoing IT involvement is necessary.
  • Changes to the decision engine can be made and deployed instantly
  • It’s feature rich
    1. Retro-analysis tools
    2. Champion / Challenge functions
    3. Handles risk based pricing
    4. Handles complex credit models and affordability matrices
    5. Runs multiple brands and product types for your business
    6. Ready for Open Banking
  • It’s APIs mean existing website and LMS can stay in place

Commenting on the awards, David Wylie (Sales Director at LendingMetrics) said "We are thrilled and honoured to win this award, it was truly unexpected.  I would like to thank the whole team at LendingMetrics for their hard work, ideas and commitment to making this happen, and I would like once again to thank the judges for their time and effort and for recognising what we are trying to achieve" he added "I also congratulate Credit-Connect on a very successful awards campaign, it proved to be very popular and highly contested, well done"

Lenders and credit providers who run genuine automated decisioning are at an instant advantage over their competitors who do not. They are able to offer a seamless customer journey and real-time decisions 24 hours a day. This saves time, retains more customers and dramatically reduces the cost of acquisition.

There are other platforms out there and all of them considerably more expensive than ADP by LendingMetrics. 

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to our customers in these latest case studies.

And if you are still not sure what its all about, here’s our explainer video 

If you have some questions or you would like to arrange a demo please CALL, CLICK or EMAIL and we will be delighted to help.