Forward-thinking payment partner Duologi have successfully gone live with LendingMetrics' Auto Decision Platform (ADP).

Duologi, who specialise in point-of-sale payment solutions, such as for home improvements or retail purchases, will be utilising LendingMetrics' multi-award-winning solution to both assess applicants and onboard merchants.

Duologi had previously outsourced the build of an engine to an external IT company, which meant it was hard-coded and the company had limited control over changes. They wanted to bring decisioning in-house and were looking to streamline the process.

With the support of LendingMetrics' expert team of analysts, Duologi have built two engines: one to process consumer loan applicants by running affordability checks and the other to onboard merchants who require Duologi to act as underwriters for their finance applications. The latter of these is a unique decision engine which runs company checks on merchants, and is integrated directly with the FCA to make sure the company is able to broker the decisions on behalf of the consumer.

Duologi's future plans include expanding their use of ADP, having seen success with it when processing both merchants as well as end consumers, and aim to continue to use their industry-led digital innovation mindset to empower businesses in specialist sectors.

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