Credit Connect has announced its Credit & Collections Technology company power list for 2022, and LendingMetrics has ranked in first place for the second year in a row.

The annual list sees Credit Connect ranking its top 20 companies in the credit technology sector. The list acknowledges and recognises innovation within the industry.

The shortlist is compiled based on winners and nominees in Credit Connect's own Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2021, where LendingMetrics emerged victorious in the Credit Reference & Information Solution category, and was nominated in several other categories.

A company's performance across the previous five years' Awards determines their position in the power list. The 2023 list is expected to be published in December and will reflect the results of the 2022 Awards. As LendingMetrics won the Credit Reference & Information Solution award at this event as well, they are likely to remain at the top of the list.

Credit Connect's full awards review, including the complete power list, can be viewed here in PDF format.

“The annual guide provides a snapshot of the technology innovators within credit and collections – it showcases who is leading the way with innovations and have backed up their status by entering the awards.

Finalists and winners have provided measurable data within this process. The companies that have made the top 20 ‘premier’ list this year are now highlighted by their dedication to innovation.

All the companies listed have provided solutions that have helped to enhance the best customer outcome through lending or collections processes.”

Colin White Founder, Credit Connect