Melton Building Society is a contemporary mutual building society that places its customers at the heart of its decision-making process. Consequently they have built a reputation that is trusted by the people of Melton, Mowbray and surrounding areas.

The mutual society are excited to use LendingMetrics’ award-winning Auto Decision Platform (ADP) solution to support its underwriting team in the coming weeks. ADP is a universally-integrated SaaS solution that handles real-time execution of credit reference, AML and affordability calls to the major credit reference agencies.

The Melton will be harnessing ADP’s auto-assisted underwriting technology to provide rapid real-time screening of prospective borrowers, while ensuring client affordability and regulatory compliance parameters are met.

Commercial Director of LendingMetrics, David Wylie, said: ‘We are delighted that ADP has, once again, been chosen as the best solution. Melton Building Society has been a pleasure to work with and we now look forward to a successful implementation of what has become the finance industry’s leading underwriting solution.’