Metrics Monthly, January 2020

January has been a month filled with making resolutions, breaking resolutions and new starts.

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Metrics Monthly | January 2020 | UK Edition

The new year didn't just mark the start of 2020, but the start of a new decade, and with it comes a new look for LendingMetrics which you can find out about in this issue of Metrics Monthly.

The FCA and Bank of England have also adopted the "new year, new me" mantra, by unveiling their plans for a new digital Data Strategy, covered in our ‘In the News’ section of this issue. In addition, you can find out what effect steak and wine has on the credit industry in our headline piece "Shiraz and Wagyu Beef".

Whether you opted to lock up the liquor cabinet for 'Dry January', sign up for the gym, try your hand at 'Veganuary', or something different altogether, take a break from your New Year's resolution to sit back and enjoy this month's issue of Metrics Monthly.

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