Metrics Monthly, March 2020

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Metrics Monthly | March 2020 | UK Edition

This month's Metrics Monthly comes at a difficult time with many of our readers adjusting to the new "lockdown" regulations announced by the government. Despite the disruption to many people's day to day living, it's business as usual for LendingMetrics, who have been working remotely for the past week.

You can read about what we've been doing to ensure our colleagues and customers remain safe during this difficult time, whilst ensuring we are still able to continue to deliver our high standards, in this issue of Metrics Monthly.

These high standards are echoed across our selection of pieces and articles, including our revealing of the Nesta Affordable Credit Challenge winners, and our headline piece 'gambling at risk of payday trap', which sees Managing Director David Wylie draw uncomfortable parallels between gambling operators and payday lenders, warning that operators could end up going down the same perilous path if they do not start conducting better checks.

So stay safe, stay home and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and insights by reading our March issue of Metrics Monthly.