Metrics Monthly, November 2020

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Metrics Monthly | November 2020 | UK Edition

With Lockdown 2.0 in full effect in the UK, there’s still plenty of news and insights to keep your time occupied in this issue of Metrics Monthly.

The prospect of a vaccine for COVID-19 potentially being ready before the end of the year has our hopes high this month, but with increased fintech usage during the pandemic, regulators have higher expectations for banks and other organisations.

Also in the news this month is the huge surge in house price growth despite the current circumstances, and the news that BOX Processing have integrated with LendingMetrics to provide clients with a first class service.

Our headline thinkpiece looks at why consumers are losing patience with mortgage lenders who force them down analogue application routes, and why lenders need to adapt to digital applications or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Read all of this, and more, in our November issue of Metrics Monthly.