In the latest issue of Metrics Monthly, Commercial Director David Wylie says lenders should be wary if their back office is not making the most optimal lending decisions in the light of upcoming Consumer Duty rules.

Metrics Monthly | Q3 / 22

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Also in this issue, in a shocking turn of events we saw a huge number of mortgage deals being pulled from the market, and supposed solutions to the energy price rises - like pledging to cancel direct debits as part of the Don't Pay UK movement - may cause more problems than they solve.

With the turning of the seasons comes an inflation storm that will leave few households unscathed. An ever-escalating cost-of-living crisis is still putting considerable stress on people's finances, leaving some with no choice but to fall into arrears or default on existing credit arrangements. Will households be able to weather the coming storm?

All of this, and more, in our Q3 edition of Metrics Monthly!

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