In the last few months, LendingMetrics has been working hard to respond to the increasing demand for our products and to evolve our platforms. We have also been busy putting the finishing touches on our Open Banking product in readiness for early next year. As a result of this, we have recently welcomed no less than 7 new staff members to the team which include; 

Senior Developer - Mark Phippard: Mark joined LendingMetrics as a senior developer to help with the development of our Automated Decisioning Platform (ADP) as well as our Open Banking product. Mark graduated from Portsmouth University with a degree in Business Information Systems and has years of experience in systems development in a wide range of areas including local government, taxation, transportation, retail and telecommunications. Mark said he finds his role at Lending Metrics to be "challenging yet rewarding with the opportunity to expand my skill set and work with some cutting-edge technology.”

Web Developer - Vitor Moreira: To help manage the increases in web support we recruited Vitor. Originally from Portugal, Vitor completed his master’s degree in software engineering in addition to 3 years of work before moving to the UK and joining LendingMetrics.

Stefan JordanBusiness Development Manager - Stefan Jordan: To keep up with an increasing demand for our products and services, we recently welcomed Stefan to our sales team to help grow the business as well as manage relationships with our new clients. Stefan has over 28 years’ experience in the financial services industry working for Barclays Bank, Experian and CallCredit. Stefan said he “was attracted to LendingMetrics because of the range of innovative products and excellent reputation of the business.” Stefan’s claim to fame is that he holds the world record for visiting all 92 football league clubs in the shortest time.

Andrew McKayHead of Web and Graphic Design - Andrew McKay: As a knock on effect of our increased sales growth we have hired Andrew to help with the company’s design needs. Andrew is originally from the U.S.A. and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a BFA in Graphic Arts. Since then, Andrew has worked for various design companies on both sides of the Atlantic and cultivated a wealth of knowledge from his various roles. Andrew said “he was eager to take on the role of Designer at LendingMetrics from my first meeting; they seemed to offer a competitive and creatively challenging role within a friendly team. And based on my time here thus far, I am happy to report they lived up to my expectations!”

Finance Assistant - Sylwia Blachut: We recruited Sylwia to help assist Adri (our current Accounts Manager) with our increased accounting requirements. Sylwia graduated in 2005 from the University of Economics in Krakow, Poland.  She achieved a bachelor’s degree in Finance and master degree in International Economic Relationships. 

Paul BrownOperations Manager - Paul Brown: To help manage all of our increasing operational needs as well as all the new team members we have recently recruited our Operations Manager Paul.  Paul has been an Operation Manager for the past 8 years, working with some unique organisations and managing very diverse teams. Paul achieved a Degree in Business Management and is currently studying for a Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (CIPD). Paul says, “I was attracted to the role here due to the ambitions of the company and the Directors, I really bought into where the organisation wanted to go and how they planned to get there. Once I met David and Neil I trusted what they had to say and knew that I could really make a difference and add value to the plans that were in place. The company has a great set up and has so many highly skilled people working for it. For a small company, I find it really fast paced and consistently evolving. There is a great atmosphere and culture within the office that makes this a great place to work.

Rebekah RiddellOperations Assistant - Rebekah Riddell Since Paul joined the team, he sought to hire an Operations Assistant to help manage the extra workload, thus we welcomed Rebekah a few weeks ago to our team. Rebekah’s career started as an Apprentice Administrator for Tomicca and Liquid Friday, she eventually became a Senior Compliance Officer. Rebekah said she was attracted to LendingMetrics because of the service it provides and that it piqued her interest. When interviewed, she felt the passion that came across from the business which she found very motivating and made her want to work here.

How can you get you or some you know get involved?

We are always looking for people to join our growing team, to find out how you can be a part of this please contact Paul today at Or alternatively, follow us on LinkedIn for updates.