Oasis Motor Finance has selected LendingMetrics’ award-winning Auto Decision Platform (ADP) to support their future growth and boost their lending volumes through a more streamlined decisioning process. 

Established in 2016, the Lancashire-based lender is committed to treating its customers fairly, ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed borrowing decisions and providing complete transparency upfront around monthly payments, with no hidden costs or surprise changes. 

This dedication to meeting customer needs through fair treatment falls in line with current and future FCA requirements. Lenders are under increasing pressure to carry out thorough affordability and suitability checking, to avoid any instances of mis-selling. LendingMetrics’ ADP is one of the best-suited platforms on the market to meet and exceed these requirements, being integrated with multiple credit bureaus as well as the Open Banking initiative to provide the clearest possible picture of a customer’s affordability as part of the decision process. This is in perfect alignment with Oasis’ customer-focused company values. 

Auto Decision Platform is a high-speed, high-volume decisioning solution, built for firms like Oasis who are looking to grow their lending volumes and support their in-house underwriters without needing to increase their headcount. ADP is capable of delivering decisions in milliseconds, powered by decisioning logic tailored to the lender’s required level of complexity using an intuitive web-based editor. 

“Oasis Motor Finance has considered the alternatives and decided that ADP offers the ideal future-proofed solution for their needs,” says David Wylie, Commercial Director of LendingMetrics. “We’re very happy to be working with a company which values fairness and transparency, key pillars of ADP’s multi-bureau approach, and we look forward to deepening our working relationship with them.”