LendingMetrics are pleased to announce that its award-winning platform OpenBankVision is the first Open Banking platform to go live with TSB Bank. Confirming the news, LendingMetrics CTO Neil Williams said that "...this is a huge step in the journey of OpenBankVision". LendingMetrics has already seen huge demand for the platform in 2019 and integrating with such a large High Street bank will allow the platform to become more and more successful.

OpenBankVision by LendingMetrics has won multiple awards as a fully categorised bank statement data platform, based on decades of combined experience in the field. It helps you make better and more informed lending and affordability decisions by seeing first-hand what the customer earns and spends. It allows you to instantly recognise potential problems such as troublesome gambling habits or excessive use of payday loans.

The core platform provides 90-days of categorised statement data absolutely free, with no limits, no setup fees and no contractual minimums. There also are premium options available such as access to longer statement data and the ability to fully customise the consumer journey. With integrations with TSB Bank now live, this largely completes the picture of coverage for OpenBankVision. TSB  Bank represents around 10% of all UK current accounts, meaning OpenBankVision now has a percentage coverage in the very high 90s, and that the vast majority of consumers can now go through the Open Banking process with ease to provide statement data to their credit provider.

LendingMetrics is also well known for its multi-award-winning Auto Decision Platform (ADP), which allows lenders to make lending decisions in milliseconds and make changes to their decisioning model in real time. OpenBankVision and ADP are the products of an innovative company that continues to invest in its platforms and R&D, allowing ADP and OpenBankVision to be the ultimate combination in managing credit risk.