This new year more than most, we will all have thought a little harder about the significance of our new year resolutions. Moreover, many of us will have considered our longer term aims and ambitions; after all, this isn’t just a new year, it’s a new decade.

We’ll ask questions like “what have I really achieved over the past 10 years?”, “is this what I hoped I would be doing?” and most crucially “what do I want for my business, my family and for me over the next decade?”.

Career and business success will play a big part in seeing those plans come true and, to that end, the choices you make will shape and define that success. That’s why we all need to open up our minds to the possibilities of what this new decade could bring.  You only have to look at the last decade to realise that we are bound to see some huge unforeseen changes in the dynamics of our day-to-day lives.

10 years ago, there was no Instagram, Uber or Snapchat, and today these are each multi-billion-dollar businesses in their own right that they have impacted our lives in one way or another. These businesses have thrived in our rapidly changing technology landscape and we hadn’t even considered 10 years ago that we might need or use such things. Which begs the question, what will we see emerge in the next 10 years? Fully autonomous electric cars? The near total eradication of polluting plastics? Electric aeroplanes? Day trippers to space? Who knows? The most likely scenario, however, is the emergence of something huge and innovative that we haven’t even considered: “an unknown unknown”, if you will.

But there is another school of thought when it comes to the significance of a new year or a new decade, and that view goes something like this: it’s a date that marks the milestones in our most valuable possession……time! Time to travel, time to succeed, time to find love and yes, time to spend with those people dearest to us. So it’s about the choices you make every day and the principles you set for yourself and stick to them, every day, not just as a short-term new year promise!

Increasingly, people are realising the importance of balancing their time between work and life. We all want to spend more time with our family, friends and loved ones, but we also have an undeniable urge to work, succeed and provide a wonderful life for them.

So, our new message for 2020 and the decade beyond is:  “It’s your time!”

“It’s your time!”, so use it wisely to share it with the people important to you. “It’s your time!” to grasp your plans and aspirations by the scruff of the neck and go for it.

2020 will see the 10th Birthday of LendingMetrics. Whilst we may not be Uber or Instagram, we are here to create and share the technology to save you time and help you succeed. Hopefully we can play a small yet important role in helping you put those plans into practice, take control and make this “your time!”