In a world where the threats to information and data security seem to grow each day, it is more important now than ever before that firms take those threats seriously and open their protocols to independent scrutiny.

LendingMetrics have done just that and are delighted to announce that in addition to it’s recent ISO 9001 2015 certification, it has also obtained the ISO 27001 certification which focuses on information security.

ISO 27001 has been chosen by the likes of Google and Microsoft to demonstrate their information security credentials, and in just the same way (albeit on a slightly smaller scale than Google & Microsoft) LendingMetrics was subjected to an independent audit by the British Assessment Bureau and was required to demonstrate in practice how:

  • Our Information Security Policy was developed
  • Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) operates in practice
  • We review of risk
  • We implement management controls
  • Internal Audits are carried out
  • We commit to continuous Improvement

Commenting on the news, Neil Williams, Managing Director of LendingMetrics said

“this is a very satisfying achievement and my thanks goes to the entire team here at LendingMetrics for each playing their part in securing this important certification. Particular thanks go to our Head of Operations Paul Brown for steering this project and ensuring we achieved a successful outcome. However, this is just one major milestone in our journey, we must now use this experience to constantly improve our processes and remain vigilant to the ever-present security risks which are now a part of everyday life for fin-tech firms”