LendingMetrics, the multi-award-winning financial technology and data specialist, are pleased to announce their appointment by commercial lender Shire Leasing to implement Auto Decision Platform (ADP).

Shire Leasing had already been utilising automated underwriting since 2001 but found that moving from single track sales channels to multi-sales channels resulted in much more complexity in their decisioning. They needed constant IT involvement to achieve their objectives, so were looking for a solution that gave more control, allowed flexibility and did not require IT resource in order to make changes to their decisioning strategy.

The SME lender chose LendingMetrics’ ADP due to it being universally connected to any data sources, both internally and externally to Credit Reference Agency (CRA) sources, and there being no reliance on an IT team once the intuitive platform was implemented.

Shire Leasing value the importance of innovation and agile working, this was influential when choosing a technology partner. LendingMetrics’ 3-year research and development roadmap ensures their platform is continually evolving and remains cutting-edge. The industry leading providers’ financial stability was another driving factor in the lender’s decision and they felt that ADP offered a good balance of cost to benefit, especially in comparison to the costly CRA solutions.

We see this as a long-term relationship, and we’re delighted that we picked LendingMetrics as a partner

Malcolm Workman, Chief Operating Officer at Shire Leasing

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The first phase of utilising ADP in Shire Leasing’s business has proved highly effective, and they are now continuing to work with LendingMetrics’ expert team on the next phase of bringing more data into the platform, whilst continuing to efficiently and accurately enable businesses to invest in the equipment they need. The lender is now benefitting from the ability to create and manipulate decisioning logic on demand, without the need for IT input.