Every lender relies on data of one kind or another to help them to make lending decisions, and most use credit reference agency data as their primary source.

But only a select few are able to truly interrogate, manipulate and fully understand what this data can do for them, thus giving them the edge. The rest simply rely on the “characteristics” prescribed by the main bureaus and this can put them at a significant disadvantage.

ADP’s NEW Data Orchestrator has changed that forever...

For years our ADP editor has been considered by many, to be the best on the market and in a league of its own. But now we are taking things to another level and we’re giving lenders even more power and control by building in the Data Orchestrator.

Have you ever wanted to take the raw bureau data or even Open Banking data and design your own proprietary and predictive characteristic(s)?

Our Data Orchestrator gives you the control to do exactly that. The bureaus supply you with hundreds of their characteristics (known as QCBs/VADs or BSBs) but the Data Orchestrator allows you infinite configurability to build your own characteristics from one bureau or from multiple bureaus, even combining bureau data with Open Banking data to build those really powerful components of your decisioning logic.

The possibilities are limitless

  •  When the bureaus update their prescribed characteristics, you can easily add these fields into ADP to utilise instantly via the Data Orchestrator.
  •  When you design a new application form for your customers to complete online or adding new additional questions, the Data Orchestrator allows you to instantly make that data field available in your decision engine as an actionable insight.
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