Event: IRONMAN 70.3 
Location: Les Sables d'Olonne 
Swim: 1.2miles | Bike 56miles | Run 13.1 miles

INTERVIEWER: Congratulations on your outstanding performance at the Ironman 70.3 Les Sables d'Olonne! Winning your age group is an incredible achievement. You must be thrilled! Could you share your overall experience with us?

COOKIE: Thank you! What a day it was!!! From start to finish, I loved this race. There are still areas to work on and improvements to be made, but overall, it was my absolute best 70.3. Winning my age group out of 57 participants was a dream come true. Additionally, I was the 8th fastest female overall (excluding the pros), finishing in the top 10 among over 400 women. I was also in the top 5 females for my run, which was incredible!

INTERVIEWER: That sounds amazing! Who would you like to thank for supporting you throughout this journey?

COOKIE: There are many people to thank. The family at home faced the biggest challenge looking after the kids, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to train, race, or reach where I am today. My coach, Fred Webb, has been incredibly patient and coached me to the best I've ever been, both physically and mentally. The gang out here made the trip unforgettable, and the beach day recovery was just what I needed.

Dreams came true this weekend, and I am overwhelmed with the support and comments from everyone.

INTERVIEWER: The swim has often been a challenging and frustrating part of the race for you in the past. How did you approach and handle it this time around?

COOKIE: The swim is more of a mental challenge then a physical one for me. After some one-on-one sessions with my coach, we had a plan. I got in the water on Friday to prepare mentally. On race day, watching the pros enter the water helped set the tone. I seeded myself with the females under 40 and allowed some space to get comfortable. The swim was iconic, and I felt comfortable throughout, finishing in 29:57 and 5th in my age group. There is still work to be done, but the comfort I felt during this swim was a significant bonus.

INTERVIEWER: The bike leg is often a pivotal part of any triathlon, and you excelled by finishing first in your age group. Can you share how your ride unfolded and any challenges you encountered?

COOKIE: The bike leg went smoothly. Transitioning was efficient, and being an AWA athlete gave me a prime racking spot. Despite losing my front bottle early on, I was prepared with extra fuel. The course was amazing – rolling hills but fast, allowing me to spend most of the time in aero position. Though I was a bit reserved on the bike, I focused on the bigger picture. Overall, it was one of the most enjoyable bike courses I've experienced, finishing in 2:35:15 and first in my age group.

INTERVIEWER:  Achieving a personal best on your run, especially at the end of an IRONMAN 70.3, is incredibly impressive. Can you walk us through your experience and what factors contributed to this remarkable result?

COOKIE: Certainly! Before the race, my coach told me I was running better than I thought. I was sceptical, but he was right. I've always been competitive in my bike times, with the run being about survival – but not this time! I was buzzing with my run performance. Leaving T2, I felt strong, my heart rate was in the right place, and I was moving quickly. The run course was stunning, first up and around the lighthouse, then the treat that was a couple of hundred metres on sand and up some steps... that's one way for the legs to let you know they're there! Onto the prom, the support was electric!! By the 10-mile mark, I still felt good and knew now was the time to turn the screw. I trusted Fred, and I started to push on. Before I knew it, I was picking people off. I finished with a half marathon personal best of 1:34:46, which made my day!

INTERVIEWER: What an inspiring journey! Any final thoughts?

COOKIE: Dreams came true this weekend, and I am overwhelmed with the support and comments from everyone. Now, I’m looking forward to going home to be with my kids. Thank you all for following along and supporting me.


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