LendingMetrics has unveiled a range of upgrades to its award-winning automated decisioning platform.

The data analytics specialist’s ADPv2 gives lenders faster response times and the ability to better fine-tune their lending decisions. The latest version of the Open Banking-ready technology is being rolled out this week to users across the UK and internationally.

David Wylie, Director of LendingMetrics, said:

“This version of ADP is the result of more than a year of research and development, during which time we have spoken at length to users to find out exactly what more they want from our platform. The upgrade strengthens our technological lead in this fast growing ‘auto-decisioning’ sector.”

Key changes to ADP include: 

  • Speed and response times are faster thanks to improvements to the user interface. A fully ‘client-side script’ sees the almost complete elimination of editing delays caused by database posting.
  • A 60% reduction in mouse clicks and keystrokes by making the user interface significantly more intuitive.
  • ADP’s drag-and-drop feature is now instant and more intuitive.

Mr Wylie added:

“Given that  implementation fees are minimal with ADP - unlike the rest of the sector which has been too cosy and too expensive for too long - we think this is going to accelerate take-up of what is coming to be seen as the smart decisioning choice.”