Auto Decision Platform

Our online Auto Decision Platform (ADP) saves on time, money and errors. Driving more profits to your bottom line.

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How does ADP work?

Interact with the moving flowchart to understand the process of ADP and how it can work for you. Hover for hints and click for more information.

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How does ADP work?

Click right and left through the steps below to understand the process of ADP.

User Origination

This is where your customer begins their journey

No matter where your customers have originated from, new or repeat, PPC or organic, they will interact with your front-end origination website, moving to the next stage of this journey.

Your website

Your front-end application form

Your existing website for front-end origination remains unchanged. ADP is comprehensive and flexible enough to facilitate the customer journey of your choice.


Your current Loan Processing System

As with your front-end website, your existing loan management platform also remains unchanged. ADP functionality will quite simply upgrade its capabilities to match the very best of standards in the marketplace.

API Suite

We’re easy to connect

Onboarding with ADP by LendingMetrics could not be simpler. We’ve developed a comprehensive and simple-to-consume suite of modern APIs to facilitate quick and easy integration, but we are always on hand to offer technical help when needed.

ADP Database

Why we store the data

In addition to providing real-time decisions and data back to your LMS, we also hold the data in order to facilitate some of our clever functionality for optimising third party costs and to run effective report functions for you.

ADP Decisions

How ADP responds

ADP responds through the API, with approvals, declines and referrals, allowing your website to present instant decisions to your customers. But it also produces a report and task list on every decision.

Engine Editor

Take total control

Use the ADP engine editor to create, edit and deploy simple or complex decision engines in real time. No hard-coding, no more roll-backs and no delays! The most comprehensive suite of controls you will see anywhere, allowing you to build scorecards, affordability matricies and risk-based pricing models, to name just a few.

Your Agents

What they can see and do

Whether embedded into your current LMS or accessed through the standalone portal, your agents can view and work from the decision report produced by ADP, making it simple to identify how to convert a 'refer' to an 'approve'.


Secure, controlled access

Utilising multi-level hierarchy, you control who can see, edit and deploy your proprietary decisioning intelligence. Secure, white-listed access ensures the highest level of protection.

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