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“Best Credit Risk Solution”


Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2017 - 2020

The LMX Products

Insight Credit Bureau Data

Traditional Credit Data

Helping Lenders to make accurate decisions on affordability, potential indebtedness and to assess financial stability

LendingMetrics provide tailor made bespoke reports and have a QCB (data block) of over 1000 characteristics, covering;

  • Payment History
  • Debt Levels
  • Defaults
  • Residency
  • Financial Background

LendingMetrics can also provide Insight quotations and customer management searches, these searches are visible to the customer only.

LendingMetrics Insight Credit Bureau Data

Accuracy and depth of data is imperative to risk strategy, utilise insight data to predict the future and get the complete client picture to ensure you make balanced risk management decisions.

Data integrity is at the foundation of Equifax, identifying when separate records should be attributed to one individual or one address, to provide a complete financial profile of that person’s history.

Insight holds information provided by credit providers and other lenders, including details of existing and previous credit commitments and historical information about the repayments of these agreements.

Equifax Short Term Lending Score

Industry Specific Score

  • Higher GINI than comparable CRA scores
  • Delivering GINI’s between 25 and 45 depending upon the portfolio and “bad definition” used
  • Developed on a sample of known “unreliable payers” incorporating widely used Equifax scorecards that have highlighted predictability.
  • The Score has been specifically calibrated on short term loan performance data with specific outcome definitions (how likely the applicant is to repay within 30 days of their due date)
  • The score is equally predictive on new short term loan customers, and those with established short term loan performance
  • The score can be overlaid on any bespoke scorecard to add additional predictive power

LendingMetrics Equifax Short Term Lending Score

Anti Money Laundering

Residency, Identity and Alerts

  • Access millions of accurate records, covering the whole UK adult population
  • Highlights important alerts, including forwarding addresses, HM Treasury sanctions, senior political figures, Office of Foreign Asset Control and Halo TM (Deceased)
  • Provides the UK financial services sector with an unrivalled ability to tackle the threat from money launderers and terrorist finance
  • Helping protect lenders from fraud by addressing the latest anti-money laundering regulations and operational challenges

LendingMetrics Anti Money Laundering

Bank Verifier

Combatting Bank Fraud

  • Bank Verifier instantly matches the sort code and account number provided by an applicant to the name and address held by their bank.
  • Transparent matching methodology allows the lender to know if there is an exact, partial or no match
  • Directly combats account fraud and meets regulatory requirements
  • Reduce the risk of failed transactions arising from invalid bank details

Financial Stability Suite - Income Verification

Turning Compliance Into Strategy

  • Utilises Current Account Turn Over Data (CATO) supplied directly from the banks and building societies to verify salary and does not rely upon modelled data
  • The customer's salaried account is identified by using superior matching technology looking at consistency and sufficiency
  • Removes anomalies from the customers’ accounts such as unusually high amounts and credit as recorded in Insight
  • Developed to meet new compliance guidelines for “Responsible Lending”
  • Computational process that avoids manual error, making it quicker and more cost effective.

LendingMetrics Financial Stability Suite - Income Verification

Property Insight

Understanding Your Customers' Living Situation

Land Registry / Registers of Scotland
Details of residential property sales dating back to 2000.

Property Valuation
Having a clear understanding of property values is key to assessing the risks involved with Mortgage lending. Valuations through a surveyor can be costly and time-consuming and Indexation can be unreliable. We can solve both of these problems and help enable your business to make the best strategic decisions through our new Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

Mortgage characteristics
How a customer pays down their mortgage gives an indication of how they manage their finances in general and how resilient they will be to potential financial shocks. We will provide this insight through equity estimations, starting mortgage LTV and the amount of mortgage debt that has already been repaid.

Property ownership
We will help you to identify the Commercial Ownership types which include Social and Council Housing and Student Residence.

LendingMetrics Property Insight

Council tax
Council Tax bands and values for all residential properties.

Rental properties
We provide historic rental listing details and rental valuation estimation models for various housing types including private, social and council housing. These rental estimates can also be used to advise potential rental yields on Buy-to-Let Mortgages.

Postcode demographics
Postcode-based characteristics can help you to understand your target markets which can add value to marketing campaigns and branch footprints and more.