Commercial Lending

Monitor transactions, prevent application fraud and ensure your company's levels of compliance. With Lendingmetrics' range of products, we can help to facilitate your company's growth and enhance it's lending security.

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Our products

LendingMetrics provides multiple solutions to support the commercial lending industry.

Decisioning | AML | Risk-based pricing

Auto Decision Platform

Whether it’s emerging credit risk trends, new regulatory underwriting requirements or novel data sources, lenders understand all too well the need to adapt quickly to these challenges as they emerge. It is crucial therefore to select a solution that will allow for seamless autonomous modifications.

Our Auto Decision Platform (ADP) allows your credit risk team to build, edit and deploy simple or highly complex decisioning strategies without IT support, via the unique user interface. It is and it will remain openly connected to all the current CRAs and future 3rd party data providers.

ADP delivers 24/7 real-time credit decisioning and much more.

Open Banking | Affordability profiling | KYC


To compliment the power of ADP, OpenBankVision (OBV) data allows you to build an incredibly clear picture of a customer’s affordability in real time. We provide fully categorised bank statement data, so you can make more informed decisions by seeing first-hand what the customer earns and spends. No company is too big or too small as OBV is available to be integrated with any platform with a secure saleable API. Utilise the unlimited free version at the start of your decision waterfall for standard 90-day categorised data, or opt for the extended and “white-labelled” versions for greater customer engagement.

CRA data | Onboarding | Affordability profiling


As an FCA regulated and ISO certified strategic partner of Equifax, we supply Credit Reference Agency (CRA) data to provide customer verification KYC, AML and affordability profiling. We aggregate our search volume across scores of lender clients to negotiate preferential rates with CRAs, which are not offered to anyone other than the very largest volume users. Our scale means that we can bring those price savings to you. Combine the power of cost effective credit data with Open Banking and you have a formidable set of metrics to hand.

Consultancy | Onboarding checks | KYC

Professional Services

With over 10 years’ experience of operating in the consumer and commercial credit lending industry, our team of Credit Risk Analysts have worked with countless credit providers to help build and fine-tune their credit risk policies. Our team are familiar with all aspects of automated decisioning and versed in multi-bureau data services, including the gamechanging Open Banking data. Our consultancy services include live data testing, retro analysis, bureau cost comparisons and scorecard building. Utilise our knowledge to fast-track the build of your decisioning criteria in order to deliver compliant and frictionless digital onboarding.

Commercial Lending Insights

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