About Us

Based in Hampshire, our teams of professionals aim to be your trusted partner and to help your business to lead, grow and succeed.

Our Mission

“To be a trusted partner that collaborates with our customers to bring innovative, secure and disruptively priced technology to market”

In a nutshell, here’s what we do:

  • Technology
    We brought probably the most powerful and innovative credit decision platform “ADP” to market at probably the lowest price anywhere for such technology. That not because we cut corners, its because our competitors simply charge too much.
  • Solutions
    We’ve also used over 5 years’ experience in the bank screen scraping sector to build some of the most powerful categorisation tools and have applied these to our new “Free Forever” OpenBankVision solution. It’s free forever whilst others charge!
  • Data
    We aggregate huge data purchasing volumes from score of clients across our portfolio and negotiate the best rates for our customers from some of the largest credit reference agencies in the country. The rates we offer simply are not available to most lenders when they chose to deal directly with the CRAs.
  • Expertise
    We have worked with literally hundreds of lenders from the smallest to some of the largest. We have seen and contributed to so many credit strategies and have seen what works well, and what works not so well.
LendingMetrics is ISO9001 certified LendingMetrics is ISO27001 certified Best Credit Risk Solution, Credit Connect 2017 Best Use of Technology - Provider, Credit Awards 2018

In 2017 LendingMetrics secured IS0 9001 accreditation and ISO 27001 from UKAS and was named by the Credit-Connect panel of judges as the “Best Credit Risk Technology Solution”. 

We were also recently awarded the "Best use of technology - supplier" at the Credit Awards 2018 in London for our product ADP.

Finally, here’s what our customers say.

LendingMetrics have not only delivered a great tool but have also provided a valuable credit risk consultative service by sharing their extensive industry knowledge. ADP solves a multitude of problems and unlike competitor products does not have a high price tag. There was no capital investment required, just an affordable monthly support fee.

Stephen Mazurek

Operations Manager at Street UK

We have growth plans to expand the Nextcredit brand and to utilise our deep data analytics background to help us get there. It was important for us to secure a technology partner who possessed the solutions to facilitate our growth, whilst giving us the tools to fully leverage our data intelligence and incorporate our rule modifications into our credit decisions, on demand. ADP and Laps were exactly what we were looking for.

Clare Brown

Operations Director at NextCredit

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