1. Big data coverage but with a personal service:

The LendingMetrics stable of products are data agnostic, meaning we are integrated with almost everyone, including all of the major credit reference agencies. However, we also have a closer relationship with Equifax, one of the biggest CRAs in the world and we deliver their range of products through our LMX brand. This means that you receive the “big data” coverage but with the added benefit of our dedicated and personalised approach.

2. Multi award winning products:

Over the past 2 years LendingMetrics have been regular finalists and winners in some of the most prestigious awards. Most recently named as the Best Technology Supplier at the Credit Awards in London. The judges have recognised our “positively disruptive” approach to delivering innovative technology at realistic price points.

3. FCA regulated and ISO certified:

When dealing with LendingMetrics, unlike many of our competitors, you can be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy and compliant, regulated firm. We are regulated by the FCA as a Credit Reference Agency and as a Registered Account Information Service Provider in relation to our position as a supplier of Open Banking technology.

4. One stop shop:

If you need anything related to credit decisioning, the chances are, we can help. Did you know that in addition to CRA data and auto decisioning technology, we also offer Open Banking data free of charge, credit consultancy services, ID verification, Device ID services and commercial credit data (we are adding a few more things too!)

5. Aggregated pricing:

When you deal with as many lenders as we do, the volume of transactions really starts to build up considerably. With such huge volume comes scale and negotiating power. Together, we negotiate market leading rates on your behalf and pass on the benefits of volume-based pricing to you. We are confident that our rates will be lower than you can negotiate directly with the CRA!

6. Low contractual minimums

In an uncertain world it’s always a difficult choice whether to commit to huge volume contracts to get the best price, or play it safe. At LMX we combine market leading prices with modest volume commitments. Of course, if you want to commit to do even more, we will charge you even less!

7. Entirely UK based technical team

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with a scripted call centre overseas, that’s why we make sure you will always be dealing with our own team based in country. That goes for our servers too, none of the consumer data we handle and share will go overseas.

If you haven’t yet looked at ADP for your business, please invest 1 minute to watch our video and if you like what you see we would love to hear from you so that we can take you through a demo. 

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