The Organic Growth 25 (OG25) is a roundup of businesses that have scaled successfully and without external investment. The group were selected from a wide range of businesses from different sectors, sizes and geographies, and LendingMetrics is proud to be named as one of the 2020 cohort.

Created by Buzzacott’s Corporate Finance Team, the OG25 aims to demonstrate the various different routes to growth beyond the need to invest capital. Organic growth is often under-recognised in the industry, but is one of the most stable and sustainable paths businesses can take.

In order to define the list, Buzzacott’s Corporate Finance Team went through an extensive process by assessing all businesses in the UK registered as private, independent and unquoted. The team established 4 main criteria for businesses to meet in order to reach the next stage of the process, including a minimum of 100% revenue growth over the last 3 years and no acquisitions totalling more than 10% of the current business revenue. Companies that met this criteria were then shortlisted, and those with the fastest growth made the cut as an OG25 business. Unlike many awards programs, the OG25 did not involve an application process, and businesses were selected simply based on their growth and success, making inclusion in the cohort an especially unique achievement.

“Our OG25 businesses have thrived from adopting a method of growth that is usually under-recognised and striving to achieve high growth in recent years. With this year posing many challenges for us all, it’s been particularly important to showcase this under-recognised route to growth and the achievements it can lead to.”
- Matthew Katz, Head of Corporate Finance at Buzzacott

The OG25 report, which can be viewed here, commemorates the companies being celebrated and provides an insights into their business goals, the factors that led to their organic growth success and their plans for the future. This includes a revenue growth rate for the past three years, and LendingMetrics’ revenue growth of an impressive 462% was the third highest of all of the businesses being recognised.

CEO David Wylie elaborated: “This can largely be attributed to our heavy investment in research and development into our now multi-award-winning platforms, which is massively paying off. By initially focussing on building the most advanced and innovative platforms over profit, we are leading the way with automated decisioning and open banking solutions.” LendingMetrics’ Auto Decision Platform (ADP), in particular, has revolutionised the opportunity for the financial services sector to quickly deliver increased lending volume, a better customer experience and reduced overheads using automated lending decisions.

Based in the UK and Australia, LendingMetrics has extensive experience in the field of online lending credit risk solutions and was the first UK credit reference agency to become fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their customers recognise the importance of a strong, stable company and LendingMetrics’ consistently steady business levels often sets them apart from their competitors.

Head of Sales, Claire Januszczak said:
“This achievement shows the stability and steadfastness of the company, something we are often asked about by prospective new partners at a time where many SMEs are feeling the impact of the pandemic. Customers want certainty and we’re proud to be able to provide it.”

The company’s well-prepared continuity plans and reliable products meant that even during the first national lockdown, business levels remained steady, and they even saw an increase in finance applications processed with ADP. In addition, their LMX platform saw credit searches increase from May to June by almost 19%, and then a further 18% from June to July.

Having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, LendingMetrics is fast becoming one of the most recognised names in the industry, and they pride themselves in being positively disruptive in both innovation and price. The impact they have had on the marketplace has resulted in recognition across the finance and lending sectors. Recently, the fintech was featured as a top 20 ‘premier’ company on the Credit and Collections 2020 power list, a round-up of the most prominent and innovative companies in the industry. Receiving this recognition for the second year in a row, LendingMetrics were proud to be distinguished as an industry-leader who has contributed to progressing industry standards and excellence.

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