Leveraging Data for Enhanced Credit Decisioning

In the intricate world of lending, good data holds undeniable prominence. However, its true potential does not just lie in the access to it, but truly understanding what it has to offer. Numerous lenders solely rely on standardised credit bureau information, neglecting the untapped potential nestled within their databases. Leading lenders use data to their advantage, shaping their lending strategies in unique ways.

To that end, ADP's latest pioneering innovation - the Data Orchestrator is a groundbreaking tool that has been built to reshape how lenders’ understand and interact with their data.

Traditionally, lenders have grappled with the constraints of pre-set characteristics dictated by bureaus in their credit decision engines. ADP's Data Orchestrator gives full control to craft proprietary and predictive characteristics tailored to meet their unique business needs. This enhances their credit decisioning significantly and gives them a notable advantage.

Imagine being able to shape raw bureau data or Open Banking information to design characteristics, tailored specifically to your credit decisioning strategy. Enabling infinite configurability to construct characteristics from one or multiple bureaus, and even merging with Open Banking data. Unlocking powerful components for decision making.

Taking it further, in addition to the Data Orchestrators' incredible flexibility is ADP's Integration Tool. A vital solution for achieving data consistency without expensive or time-consuming integrations. Empowering lenders to seamlessly integrate data into ADP, giving complete control over integration, timelines, and expenses through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Further supporting informed decisions and strong automated decisions.

ADP's given me the functionality to build really robust decisioning strategies, particularly in the affordability assessment where I can use data sets functionality to upload real time data to make really accurate decisions and ensure we're still lending responsibly.

James Wilkinson, Fair For You

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In an ever-evolving lending landscape, wielding data as a strategic asset is the ultimate differentiator. ADP's Data Orchestrator and Integration Tool give lenders the means to navigate the complexities of credit decisioning. Revolutionise your lending strategies with ADP and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Truly understand and interrogate your data.

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